Welcome to Planago!

Congratulations, you've started planning your finances.

  • 1. On the left you can see your goals and your financial situation into distant future. Yellow line shows your cash, green area shows your wealth and red line shows how much loans you have in different times.
  • 2. Next you should add your income, expenses and your housing situation into Planago. If you have other assets like e.g. car you can add those into service by clicking the wealth icon. After adding your own information you will have a better overall understanding of your current finances.
  • 3. After adding your own information you should click the icon in the graph. Now you can quickly test when you are able to reach your goal.
  • 4. You can also test with our Risk tester how various types of changes in your finances could affect your situation.
  • 5. Financial Certificate will give you an overview of your financial situation.
  • 6. Remember to save you information into service so that you can come back and make changes easily.
  • We hope that Planago will help you to make better financial decisions in the future